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Saisonality Stock Chart: Over 90% Profitable Trend In Everest Re Group (RE)

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by SMO Team

Update: 2023-01-10 10:50:12
Benefit from the seasonal trend with over 90% hit rate for the finance company Everest Re Group (RE).
Saisonality Stock Chart: Over 90% Profitable Trend In Everest Re Group (RE)
What is seasonality? Seasonality refers to price trends within a specific time period. Traders and investors use seasonality to identify price patterns and determine better entry and exit times. You can find seasonal trends with our Seasonality Screener and analyze them with the Saisolaity Chart Anazyler.

Seasonal chart analysis from Everest Re Group (RE)

Are you looking for a good opportunity in a rising stock? The recurring positive price trend of the Everest Re Group (RE) shares in recent years has had a very high hit rate. The price development in the analyzed period shows a very good risk/reward ratio.

The Everest Re Group (RE) shares are starting a very strong seasonal trend.
Over the last 20 years, the price trend repeated itself in the analyzed period with a hit rate of 90.48%.

Seasonality Chart - KPI Overview

The following table shows all the key figures of this analysis.

If the share was bought over the last 20 years at the beginning of the analysis period and sold again at the end of the period, the following key performance indicators (KPIs) for the performance of the trades would result:

Company Summarised
yearly profit
Everest Re Group (RE) 104.48 90.48% 4.75

Company Count
Everest Re Group (RE) 20 -4.18% 3.64

The Sortino Ratio of 3.64 for Everest Re Group shows the strength of the seasonal trend in this analysis. The very high ratio shows the high stability of the profits.


As the seasonal analysis in the following image shows, there is a strong trend in the analysed period.

In the following picture, the upper diagram shows the seasonal annual performance of the last few years. The seasonality chart below shows the simulated performance of the given period over all years. The bar chart shows the annual performance of the analyzed period.

You can view the analysis yourself by opening the following link.
Seasonality chart analysis of Everest Re Group (RE)
Open the Seasonal Chart Analyse: RE

Compare: Everest Re Group vs. Financials sector

Everest Re Group is a Financials sector company. We have compared Everest Re Group (RE) with the Financials sector (XLF).

You can view the analysis in the Saisonality Chart Analyzer.
Seasonality chart analysis of Everest Re Group (RE)
Saisonality Analyzer: RE vs. XLF

The sector also has seasonal strength over the same time period, which increases the likelihood that the seasonal sattern will repeat.

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Seasonal stock trends are a very good way to identify profitable entry and exit opportunities. Numerous studies have proven this. 
If you want to use seasonal trends, you should always watch the big picture of the market and sub-sectors such as sectors or regions. Seasonal chart trends are part of the market technique, and it works best in rising markets.

You can find more seasonal chart trends with our 'Seasonality Screener'. Numerous configurations and comparison options facilitate the 'Seasonality Chart Analyzer'.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email us.