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Market Indicators - How is works.

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by SMO Team

Update: 2022-08-10 17:09:52
With market indicators, analysis is easy. Graphs are good comparison vehicles and make it easier to forecast trends. All data, charts and analysis are pieces of the puzzle in the big picture.
Market Indicators - How is works.

How It Works.

All major asset classes are interrelated and compete with each other. Depending on the market situation, the asset classes differ in their return and risk potential.

The analysis of markets, asset classes and correlations open up profit potentials and is an essential part of risk management.

The market indicators are designed for macro and Big-Picture analysis. The chart compilation includes the stock and money markets, as well as important developments in fiscal policy and commodities.

We offer you access to selected risk models, comparisons and valuations of interesting markets, asset classes and much more.

Stock Market Risk Models

Stock Market Risk Models

Institutional protection indicator

Institutional investors are usually better informed and implement a consistent hedging strategy.

The Indicator shows the increase of hedges and reallocations of institutional investors for the us stock market.

Economic stress indicator

The stock market is a reflection of economic development. Economic indicators are a way of showing the economic situation and its future trends.

Our research team has analyzed the most important economic indicators. The result is the US SMO Economic Stress Indicator.

Relative Performance

stock market relative performance

Get a quick overview of which indices, sectors, asset classes, stocks, etc., are performing relative to their peers.

Identify which areas have catch-up potential or are likely to correct after a strong rise.

Find out which sector outperforms. In each sector, the largest stocks are shown with their relative performance.

Stock Market Vs ... (Others)

stock market compare

Stock Market vs Bonds

The stock market is linked to different asset classes. Comparison with the money market (bonds) reveals opportunities and highlights risks.

Stock Market vs Sectors

Within the stock market there are sectors and areas that are more or less in demand depending on the market situation. Comparing these areas shows the assessment of the other market participants.

Stock Market: Growth vs Value

In the stock market, growth and value are not always equally popular. Our overview shows which of the two areas performs better.

Stock Market: MarketCap vs Equal Weight

Comparing the indices with an equally weighted ETF shows a clearer picture of the stock markets.

Bond / Treasuries

stock market components dependencies

Treasuries vs Stock Market

Bonds are one of the most important asset classes on the market. They are directly linked to the stock market and lead it at times.

Treasuries vs Economic Ratios vs Commodities

In this section we show charts were bonds correlate to other areas like economics or commodities. In many cases, bonds have followed these metrics.



Commodities and their prices are an important influencing factor in our economy. Our charts show selected comparisons that can highlight potential opportunities.